If transhumanists joined call-out culture

While other people are talking about surfacing the ways in which fairy tales promote sexism, and the ways to edit them or present to children in a non-indoctrinating manner, let us stop for a while and think how we should do the same with stories promoting deathism.

Eliezer took pretty good care of Harry Potter and Greeting the Death Like an Old Friend, while Hezel (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5933852/hezzel) made an even stronger and harsher point against it. It’s also worth noting that even non-HPMoR Harry Potter fans often ask questions like “why didn’t they just use time turner to save everyone?”

I haven’t read Luminosity, but I hope Alicorn took care of the situation in Twilight where they have the ability to give people eternal youth and very high resistance to physical damage with almost no side effects whatsoever (a little bit of murder intent, which is manageable, and can be easily alleviated), but refuse to give it to people, because it’s so OMG bad to be a vampire, somehow. No explanation needed as to why it’s bad, and why eternal youth doesn’t outweigh it – it’s just bad, and you’re not supposed to want eternal youth anyway, and only bad people do so.

Or take The Picture of Dorian Gray for example. A guy gets if not eternal then very long youth and the resistance to physical damage, but then quickly spins into decadence, and ends up wishing to destroy his “immortality.” See – this is what you end up doing when you don’t need to fit fun in life before your body starts betraying you, and there’s no or little risk of getting killed. Disease, accidents, and murder are wonderful, and immortality is decadence! And people read that, and believe!

Or take anything from http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TogetherInDeath – I know that brains (or maybe it’s just cultural – deathism is so prevalent that we can’t really test) tend to anthropomorphize corpses and tombstones, yes. But stories like that are just a memetic hazard that distracts people from the truth that the protagonists aren’t together, they don’t exist anymore, and something that doesn’t exist cannot be separate, together, or any other adjective – because there’s no subject! It should be made crystal clear to everyone, and the idea about being together in death hugely derails any attempt to do so.

Or take at least half of the stories from these:
They’re all stuffed with the idea that death isn’t just a part of the natural order of things (along with defecating, vomiting, not bathing your entire life, etc.), but a liberating, uplifting, and generally very cool experience, and all those immortality seekers are either villains, who are against everything good, and against death among other good things, or very naive and mistaken people, who are taught along the story line how inherently futile and even undesirable their ventures are. Are you surprised that gerontology is hugely underfunded, after all that? I’m not.

We take small kids, and feed them these stories, conditioning them into overriding any thoughts saying that death is bad.If you persuade people that death is good right now, you’re the founder of a dangerous cult, and have to be arrested. But if you persuade them that it’s good 40 years from now, you’re a wise thinker, not distracted by silly thoughts of being young longer.

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